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A Guide to Your First Private Tarot Card Reading

Anyone who’s interested in tarot readings enters the world of tarot cards in a unique way. Most people associate tarot cards with astrology, magic, and psychics.

However, you’re mistaken if you believe that tarot reading is an arcane discipline only appropriate for spook shows. The interaction between the reader and the individual whose cards are being read is extremely important in this practice.

Forget the crystal balls, headscarves, mystical abilities, and any other preconceived conceptions you may have about fortune telling when it comes to tarot card readings.

A Guide to Your First Private Tarot Card Reading

Consider it more as a mindful technique to connect with your higher self rather than a mystical experience about your imminent demise.

Here are a few things to know before you head for your maiden private tarot card reading:

  1. Find a Reader You Can Trust Not every tarot reader will operate in the same manner. There is no one right technique to read the tarot, so you should be open to following their lead and believing in their methodology. It's acceptable if some people want you to shuffle the cards, other people prefer a talk before your reading, or some people just want you to sit quietly. Finding a reader with a similar vibe and goal is crucial because tarot is all about building trust between you and them.

  2. Avoid Specific Questions for Readings A yes-or-no question frequently "stumps the reading." I’d rather advise you to come with a less limiting query instead. By doing so, you're allowing yourself to engage in a more complex and nuanced discourse with your reader. For instance, if someone enquires about marrying a specific person, asking, "What do I need to know to join a happy marriage with so-and-so?" will make that question open-ended. That makes the dialogue more complete. If you truly must know something, simply be aware that there may not be a straightforward solution to your query. In the end, the tarot is comprehensive, and the deck contains all facets of life, so you can essentially ask any question.

  3. You Have the Power to Alter Your Reading If your private tarot card reading didn't provide any encouraging news, you shouldn't feel paralyzed by dread as the deck has no control over you. The reading serves as a timestamp for the energetic activity surrounding you, your situation, and the subject of your inquiry. Individuals may leave thinking they have no control or agency over these life occurrences, but that is never the case. You always have the power to alter the course of events.

  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Truly Open Up Perhaps you're being a little cautious while building the reader's trust. Or perhaps you believe that secrecy is necessary so that your reader can "prove themselves." Just keep in mind that your reader will share more with you the more they share with them. You're not required to give every detail. As a result, if you enquire, "What's happening in my relationship right now?", my response can be in the continued tense. These are the future scenarios that are possible. Yet, if you reply, "Oh, they had an affair," I can investigate further into what took place.

  5. Death, Hanged Man, and Devil Cards Aren’t Your Enemies Don't panic if your reader dealt any ominous-looking cards. The Death card may represent actual death, but more commonly it refers to change. The Hanged Man talks about sacrifice, enlightenment, and delays. Temptations and oppression are discussed in the Devil card. It’s a reminder for you to be more real and true to yourself in whatever area of your life where you know you need to break that habit but aren't.

Book a Private Tarot Card Reading in St. Louis

People occasionally look for advice from others to confirm what their instincts are already telling them. Tarot readings may also be of assistance here. I send you a message from the cosmos at Moon Tree Tarot by fusing my profound knowledge of human thought and behavior with psychic intuition. Contact me today to schedule a reading!

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