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CArD of ThE WeeK

the tower

The entire world was shocked and stunned when Flight 11 hit the north tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46am on September 11, 2001. In one instant, our nation’s sense of safety (nay invincibility?) was shattered. Then the second tower was hit. And then the towers fell. Utter devastation.

The Tower can represent both shock and devastation in your life. It is a wake-up call. Whatever you thought was a firm foundation has proven to be faulty. Whatever ironclad beliefs and unquestioned assumptions you may have had are scorched with fire and littered with debris. The Tower challenges your perspectives and rocks your sense of security. Your Tower moment may be a monumental shift in your life, or even just a sudden Aha! moment. But it always brings change.


Something you built and identified with has dissolved. The universe has altered your path. Now it is up to you to either pick up the pieces and adjust to the new reality you find yourself in or resist the change and remain in fear and anger – raising your fist to God. But what good will that do? Accept the change. Release your grip on certainty. Move forward with courage, humility, honesty, and faith in new beginnings.

The Tower card at moon tree tarot

PreViouS cArDS

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