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CArD of ThE WeeK

Wheel of Fortune

From the name alone we tend to think the Wheel of Fortune means good things are coming. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The Wheel represents the cycles of our lives, which means ups and downs. Sometimes we are flying high on the top and then other times we find ourselves ground to dust by our life circumstances.

Overall, the Wheel harkens change. What was once the status quo is no longer. Some see the turning of the Wheel as karma being meted out to us by fate, but it’s important to recognize that change comes from both external and internal sources. The Wheel talks about the inevitability of change and how all things are in flux. We must not cling to anything as it’s all impermanent. All we have is the present moment. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is coming. So let’s find our place in the here and now.

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PreViouS cArDS

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