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DiSclAiMer & CoNfiDeNTiALiTy 


Tarot reading is subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute. A tarot reading is never 100% accurate. All tarot readings given by Moon Tree Tarot are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. A tarot reading does not replace professional medical/legal/business opinion and advice. It will not force you to follow a particular course of action, or attempt to exert any form of control over your free-will and common sense. The contents of a tarot reading are not legally binding. Moon Tree Tarot assumes no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, tarot readings provided.


All information exchanged between Moon Tree Tarot and clients during readings shall remain confidential. No personal information shall be passed on to anyone, including third parties.

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