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With a background in philosophy, behavioral health and religious studies, Annalisa combines a deep understanding of human thought and behavior with psychic intuition to bring you a message from the universe. Her unique set of skills has been formed by education, experience, and a long spiritual journey towards hope and healing. With a BA in Philosophy and an MBA in Organizational Development, she chased the American corporate dream for 2 decades before realizing her destiny lies on another path. She is now applying her expertise in communication, coaching, and thought leadership to help others make sense of their lives. Her results include extremely satisfied clients and a five-star Google rating. Originally from Wisconsin, Annalisa is a lifelong equestrian, a tennis player, and a certified Reiki Master. She believes in the power of love and empathy to change the world.



People seek tarot readings for many reasons, but usually to see their future. Predictive cards are helpful, but most cards reveal present pattern energy. Present pattern energy is the confluence of inner forces and outer forces that create our reality. Since we often behave in ways that are pre-programmed by nature, nurture, beliefs, and habit, the goal is to become conscious of these influences and understand how they affect our lives. Having greater awareness enables us to make better choices and aligns our actions with our intentions. This is how we manifest what we truly want.


Readings enable us to receive insight and draw conclusions that crystalize our desires, making the path forward more evident. The predictive cards reflect where the energy is moving in our lives, giving us the opportunity to exercise our free will to change course if necessary. We determine our own destiny. The more conscious we become the more control we have over our outcomes and the more peace we will have on our journeys.



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“I’ve had several readings with Moon Tree Tarot and she is ALWAYS spot on.  Her delivery is very kind and her explanations of the readings are very thorough.  I highly recommend Moon Tree Tarot for her professionalism and psychic gifts.”

- Karen Williamson

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