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What are Private Readings?
Unlock personalized insights with a private reading, where psychic guidance fuels a unique journey of self-discovery. Delve into the ancient wisdom, gaining clarity in an intimate, tailored session.
Private readings provide confidential, highly focused attention to issues that are important to you. During the session, you will be guided through the process of determining questions for the cards and correspon
ding spreads. Readings of each card are thorough, ensuring understanding before proceeding. Clients are encouraged to take notes, ask questions, and are given permission to record the session. Up to 3 guests are permitted to join the session to observe.

Daily Meditations

What are Daily Meditations?
Elevate your mornings with Daily Meditations: brief yet potent 5-8 minute readings infused with psychic insights. Ignite your day with clarity and optimism! These mindful moments lead you into tranquil introspection where your intuition waits to greet and inspire you. 

Sold in sets of 5 sessions, Dailies are intended to run from Monday - Friday but can be split between weeks if needed. Designed to be portable and convenient, Dailies are delivered virtually through WhatsApp or Marco Polo by 9am. 

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What are Mediumship Readings?
Experience a channel to connect with departed loved ones through the cards or intuitive visions. Seek solace, guidance, and a bridge between the physical and spiritual dimensions. For those seeking connection, closure, or guidance from the spiritual realm, especially with departed loved ones. Embark on a journey of healing and communication, fostering comfort and insights from beyond.


What are Group Readings?
Elevate any occasion with captivating group tarot readings that infuse a touch of mystique into your event. Whether it's an intimate get-together or a larger celebration, these interactive sessions offer a unique way to explore tarot's insights collectively.

Hosts can tailor the experience by opting for hourly fees or individual payments, ensuring flexibility for your event's needs. With each reading lasting around 15 minutes, participants can revel in a personalized and intriguing encounter. To book, a simple phone call is all it takes, guaranteeing a seamless and enchanting experience for all involved.

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What are Tarot Lessons?
Embark on a transformative learning journey tailored for those eager to delve deep into the essence of tarot. Guided by a seasoned instructor, these structured sessions illuminate the symbolism and ideologies inherent in divination. This unique opportunity empowers you to not only expand your knowledge of tarot but also to sharpen your psychic skills and navigate your spiritual path with newfound confidence.

With a discounted hourly rate driven by a genuine passion for teaching, these comprehensive lessons provide a profound exploration of the world of Tarot, offering you the tools to read intuitively and embrace your psychic potential. 


What is Concierge Tarot?
For those navigating through periods of change or grappling with ambiguity, Concierge Tarot offers personalized and continuous intuitive support on demand. This service stands as a sanctuary for those who seek profound insights and unwavering clarity during crisis or change. Engage with your intuitive self through weekly readings and Daily Meditations. Uncover the layers of your emotions and perceptions, paving the way for confident decision-making. Trust in the universe and in your own inner compass to navigate the shifting tides.

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