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Master Tarot Reader

With a background in philosophy, behavioral health and religious studies, Annalisa combines a deep understanding of human thought and behavior with psychic intuition to bring you a message from the universe. Her unique set of skills has been formed by education, experience, and a long spiritual journey towards hope and healing. With a BA in Philosophy and an MBA in Organizational Development, she chased the American corporate dream for 2 decades before realizing her destiny lies on another path.

She is now applying her expertise in communication, coaching, and thought leadership to help others make sense of their lives. Her results include extremely satisfied clients and a five-star Google rating. Originally from Wisconsin, Annalisa is a lifelong equestrian, a tennis player, and a certified Reiki Master.

She believes in the power of love and empathy to change the world.



What are Private Readings?

Unlock insights and clarity with a confidential, detailed analysis on any topic including these favorites:

  • Love & Career

  • Decisions & Future

  • Life Purpose & Karma

  • Past Lives


What are Group Readings?

Take your parties and gatherings to the next level with psychic insights for your guests.

  • Payment by host or guests

  • Free travel to you within 30 minutes

  • 15-20 minute readings per guest

  • Call or email to book

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What are Mediumship Readings?
Connect with departed loved ones. Seek solace, guidance, and a bridge between the physical and spiritual. Embark on a journey of healing and communication, fostering comfort and insights from beyond.

Daily Meditations

What are Daily Meditations?

Brief, powerful 5-10 minute readings with a psychic message. Track the signs and synchronicities in your life and strengthen your intuition.

  • Sold in sets of 5 sessions

  • Designed to be portable and convenient

  • Delivered virtually via WhatsApp or Marco Polo



What are Tarot Lessons?

Structured sessions with materials and hacks to learn the language of the unconscious mind. Sharpen your psychic skills and navigate your spiritual path with newfound confidence.

  • Discounted hourly rate

  • Comprehensive exploration of tarot


What is Transformation Tarot?

Generate insights, revelations and awakenings through introspective tarot. Find your highest path and ignite your full potential with your own psychic intuition and inner wisdom.

  • 90 minute reading

  • 5 Daily Meditations

  • Spiritual guidance

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