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Master Tarot Reader

Born in October during a new moon has blessed Heather Joy with a heightened sense of intuition. Even as a young child, she was able to pick up on subtle energies and have a deep understanding of the emotions and intentions of others. This Libra psychic has the ability to see beyond the physical realm. Heather Joy has experienced vivid dreams, and paranormal activity while receiving messages from the other side. She is highly empathic, giving her the ability to understand and share the feelings of others which allow her to offer support and guidance.

Like other new moon intuitivists, Heather Joy can communicate with Spirit, receive messages, and serve as a bridge between

the physical and spiritual realms. A decade of practicing the tarot has given her the tools to clarify in words to share enlightenment with others.

You too can experience her loving talent and insight by booking a reading today.

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