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How Tarot Card Readings Benefit Mental Health: Self-Understanding, Spirituality & Overcoming Obstacles | Moon Tree Tarot

Updated: Jul 2

Maintaining balanced mental health is a challenge in today’s world. Life is unpredictable and change often creates instability. To maintain mental homeostasis, it is important to identify and resolve unconscious influences that distort thinking and increase emotional lability. Check out a few ways tarot cards can benefit your mental health.

Spirituality and Overcoming Obstacles with Moon Tree Tarot
How Tarot Card Readings Benefit Mental Health: Self-Understanding, Spirituality & Overcoming Obstacles | Moon Tree Tarot

1. Increased Self-Understanding

Tarot cards are an unadulterated reflection of our deepest wants, desires, and feelings. They shed light on the multi-facets of personal identity and allow us to see where the energy is flowing in our lives.

Online tarot readings enhance mental clarity by helping us focus on what is most important and giving us an opportunity to take stock of where we are in life. They are a guide to making choices that feel right for us.

2. Cultivating A Goal-Oriented Mindset

Knowing what we want is the most critical aspect to creating and achieving goals. Virtual tarot readings help us discover these deep desires and further serve to assist us in making more conscious, definitive choices. The cards flesh out a blueprint for reaching our desired milestones and address areas of stagnation or conflict. Allowing room for the cards to “speak” can lead us to important realizations and motivate us to make necessary adjustments.

3. Spirituality

Spirituality is about seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than ourselves. Receiving a tarot reading online is doing just that. Universal energies come through the cards in a unique message that helps us know we are not alone. Tarot is also an excellent tool for practicing mindfulness, building intuitive capacity, and deepening trust in our inner wisdom, so we can answer our own questions about what’s happening in our lives. It is a spiritual practice that can center us like the practice of introspection like journaling and meditation.

4. Overcoming Obstacles

A tarot card reading can shed light on the roadblocks obstructing our way and help us move past them. By showing us what may be coming our way in the future, predictive tarot cards enable us to make better choices. We are not bound by fate as the future is not set. It is always in motion. Understanding the present pattern energy in our lives – the confluence of inner and outer forces that make up our reality – and seeing where that energy is moving raises our consciousness. With this greater awareness we can identify ways our pre-programmed nature, nurture, habit and beliefs have limited our ability to respond to life effectively. This gives us more personal power and more clarity about how to use our innate strengths and experiences to overcome even our toughest challenges.

5. Positivity

Tarot readings can be a great part of self-care, growth and development practices. An in depth reading helps reduce negative energy and fills us with positive energy and confidence to grow and take risks. Often, we feel trapped in our lives, not seeing options and feeling victimized by our circumstances. A robust discussion around a spread of cards can show us the limitless potential we all possess and can harness. The Fool card is an excellent reminder of this by giving us freedom from the fear of the unknown and the urge to spread our wings and fly. Follow that spark of creativity and joy! Live in the mindful awareness of each moment, which is the entirety of what life has to offer. Follow your bliss and act on your inspiration with faith in the universe.

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